GlueLine assist the industry to find the best adhesive to your application, and optimize all processes in the production, which has influence in gluing and the total application. GlueLine cooperate and works as sales- and technical agent, for PKI Supply A/S , and work with products from Henkel, BASF and own production.

New materials enter the market every day, and effects new demands for the products. The products needs to lose weight, must be recyclable, offer the best environment, and will often be produced after new receipts, who force you to innovate your production to ensure the quality in your product.

GlueLine is your direct contact regarding glues, and we help you all the way from idea to finished product.

We have also solutions for industrial applications for 2K PU coatings that cure in 5-15 seconds. In all coatings you have optional possibilities for the thickness from for example 1 to 20 millimeter. If cured materials need to be removed in and around your production, we help with dry ice and lava cleaning systems, which clean your machinery. Dry ice operates 100% without water, and lava replace sand blast and use only 5% material comparing to sand blast.

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